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“I first started Crossfit when I joined the gym in 2017. Before that I had dabbled in a few home fitness programs but still felt the need for something more. I enjoyed bootcamp workouts and Amber encouraged me to try Crossfit. I am thankful she did. Crossfit has done more than just improved my fitness. It has pushed me past limits I didn’t think were possible. I was always the kid in school that hated PE. Run the mile…um no thanks. I actually never ran a whole mile in my entire life until Murph. The great thing about Crossfit is that there is always more you can improve on. It is ever changing and constantly requires you to push past your limitations. I also enjoy the community aspect of Crossfit. It is the community that makes it something special and the same can be said for Bootcamp, TRX and Spin as well. We all come together to achieve a common goal of improving our lives and bettering ourselves from the inside out and to me that is something that is really special.” – Sara

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